Nostate is a live techno collaboration between prolific multi-talented artist, Chainletter, and Maison Fauna co-founder, Randall Self (aka Nico DeNitto). Before joining forces, each performed individually at raves, venues, and house parties for the past ten years—from downtown Los Angeles to the abandoned buildings of Durham. They have been featured on the likes of Hate (where each has premiered solo tracks) and NYC Public Records.  They have provided support for acts from Kitsuné to DFA. Their spontaneous, high energy raw techno live sets include lights and instruments made or modified by Chainletter and on the spot, dance-floor savvy improvisations from Randall Self. Each armed with a drum machine, a sampler, and several interchangeable pieces of gear, the two create a single four-armed organism that always manages to make something irresistibly danceable in the vein of Blawan, Ansome, and British Murder Boys. Their debut LP is forthcoming on Maison Fauna.